The company

The company Prawns World seafood products and the brands, Prawns World and Fishessentials are a part of Ittickathra Marine Industries(IMI). IMI is a fresh seafood 1ststage processing company with an experience of over 30 years. IMI’s customers include some premier seafood exporting companies in Kochi. Having a large facility in Puthupally, Kayamkulam with over 100 personnel on board, IMI has an immaculate reputation in procuring and supplying fresh. chemical free, cleaned and deveined prawns to the companies in Export Market. 


Reason behind this new initiative

After returning from the Gulf after a stay of over 18 years,  we as a family could easily find source for fresh chemical free prawns as IMI that is run by our parents have an established supply chain of the same. But for essential fish we always have to do a weekly run to a harbor. This is because most of the fish in the local market cannot be trusted due to middlemen profiteering and the use of chemicals as most of the suppliers use primitive refrigeration methods to manage the stock. Even more worrisome is that a lot of the available stock comes from other states, which travels to the consumer without proper refrigeration mechanism and therefore use of chemicals is necessary. The other sources are large modern providers. But when we look at the amount of line items they carry, the efficiency of stock management is always a question mark. Therefore for our own benefit and to serve others, we decided to start this new retail initiative that will carry the most essential daily need, fresh fish and prawns to our customers. Our strict policy is Daily Catch from Kerala’s local harbours. This will benefit our Local fisherman as well, the very one’s who put their lifes on line to save thousands during the floods. Keeping manageable and fresh stock is our motto. So we request all our customers to order at the earliest and if possible, one day in advance. 


Our product

We have created a state of the art facility at Info Park Road (Chittethukara Gate) where we have the means keep this stock fresh for upto 48 hours with the use of Non-freeze chiller room. However our strict policy is that the stock should be out to the market within 24 hours of arrival at the facility either to a direct ordering customer or to a secondary buyer. This will help you to ensure that whatever you order from us will be as fresh as you can buy at the first landing point of the fish. We ensure that the stock is iced throughout its journey to you and never is left in the open or kept in freezing temperature.

To ensure this we will have to keep our number of verieties to the bare minimum so that we can have a better focus on stock management.


Call for understanding and co-operation

As we are going to follow a strict policy of exclusively buying local catch from nearby harbours/fishermen in order to ensure 100% Fresh and chemical free, Prawns and Fish, we will be having limited stock. We call each of you to cooperate with us in order for us to serve you with products, that you can fully trust for your good health.